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A digital art project that originates from the most concrete artifacts that the world has ever witnessed…
Properties; the own and particular qualities that beings, bodies, substances (or even species) have by their nature and by which they are distinguished from other beings, bodies, or substances. But what causes us to remember a certain property? 
Simple. If one property is created in order to represent a certain value, message, or moral.
Properties become indistinct from time only if they are able to resemble, and if destroyed, can come back to life thanks to the meanings, and thus memories, that we have associated to them. Almost like mystical creatures that, even if they have never existed, continue to nevertheless live through the significance we have assigned them. 
Thus properties are living creatures in a way, and it is up to us to make them live forever. That is the mission of this project, that is our mission.


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Empire State Building

Property Creatures collection

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Property Creatures collection

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